So, for a site like this, the “About page” is probably the main reason you came? I’ll work on getting it updated soon, for now here is the quick overview:

Kentucky Jim is Jim Faris. I got the nick-name when I read the liner notes of a Charlie Chesterman CD and found that he listed me as “Kentucky Jim Faris.” I am from Kentucky… Sugartit, Kentucky…oh, it’s a real place.

I am loosely related to a few of the old time country music royalty but, not much of that rubbed off on me. I started playing guitar as a kid. My mom pointed out there were too many guitar players and drummers, so she bought me a bass in 7th grade and joined a band the next day.

I played all over the greater Cincinnati area though the 80’s with bands like; The Qubes, The Rhapsodes, the Void, Pryzm and Bachelors of Art. Plus I got to sit in and work with a handful of other great bands in the area. I hit the road with a band, Bachelors of Art, in mid ’86. Lived in a van with the band for a while, landed in Boston. I was in and out of bands, record contracts, and more. I played with some legendary players and some just really cool people. Then I left Boston in the early 2010? and set up shop in Washington DC where I’ve continued my luck playing with even more incredible people from BlueGrass ambassadors Big Hillbilly Bluegrass, to local rockabilly icon J.P. McDermott and Wester Swing, to DC rock royalty the Grandsons and let’s not forget the JellyRollMortals. My main gig and the best group of musicians in the DC area.

I have mostly played the upright bass for the last 20 years. But I’ve got lots of instruments hanging on the wall.

I also play the ukulele and sing bit as a solo act. I do some kids shows and sometimes I’ll play a more grown up version of it in bars and farmers markets.

Lastly, I’ve been working on the Tuba, but that’s going pretty slow.

I am available, call me for your next project. I’m always looking for cool stuff.