Bass Player

I’ve been playing bass out in clubs, festivals, churches and theaters since the age of 15. I’ve been lucky enough to play with a number of incredible musicians throughout my life. Sure I play other instruments… I do a solo ukulele gig and it’s still a passion of mine. But I’m a bassist. I love it. 20 years ago I switched to the double bass as my main instrument and I feel like I’ve only recently started learning to play it correctly.


Come see me do what I do.

The Bass Blog

There are plenty of people out there that know a whole lot more about basses, strings, amps, technic and such. But for some reason, some folks like knowing what I do, So, I’m trying to re-start a bass-blog. Here I’ll review some stuff, complain and explain how I do what I do.

Sounding Good vs Looking Good

I switched my upright from gut strings to steel wrapped nylon to get a more traditional jazz sound and get used to steel under my fingers. I've been doing more recording projects with my NSD WAV with steel strings... and now I have the little bass that can cover everything from electric to upright, I can strap it on or put it on a stand. The sound is everything I want.

Sound Samples

Upright vs NSD WAV vs NSD Omni I have been posting a bit about my NSD Omni Bass and I've had lots of questions about how it compares and folks wanting sound samples. So [...]


Every 6 months I swear that I'm going to do a better job of maintaining this webs site. And I do a post and fix a broken template, then life gets in the way and [...]

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